What is MIDIGrade?

MIDIGrade® is a budget-friendly controller solution for DaVinci Resolve with the capabilities of a fully-featured professional control surface.

Imagine having all the colour grading functions at your fingertips. Now realise that control panels enabling you to do this can come with up to a five-figure price tag. This product was developed to solve this problem.

With MIDIGrade you can take control of DaVinci Resolve using four different hardware options: Midi Fighter Twister 1 by DJ Techtools, X-Touch Mini 1 by Behringer, your keyboard and mouse, or Xbox/PlayStation gamepad.

MIDIGrade was first released in 2016. Now in its 4th major release, it includes a whopping 204 different DaVinci Resolve functions for you to access with ease!

1 Midi Fighter Twister and X-Touch Mini sold separately.

What does it do?

With the use of physical knobs, buttons and keys you can control your most commonly used functions in DaVinci Resolve with unrivaled efficiency.

MIDIGrade lets you develop strong muscle-memory. This means that you can fully concentrate on what is most important while colour grading — the picture. It effectively is a much faster, ergonomic and intuitive way of moving your mouse and pressing keyboard shortcuts.

The functions are conveniently divided into 8 different menus which are easy to navigate between: Color Adjustments, Color Wheels, Primaries Bars, HDR Grade, Curves, Qualifier, Window, and Dolby Vision.

With MIDIGrade you can also take full control of Nodes, Stills, Keyframes, Playback and more.

"This is the kind of detail you see when the designer is both a regular user of the product, and actively listens to the end users."

Charles Haine, No Film School

"Some of the most innovative solutions to problems that established manufacturers seem to ignore often come from frustrated users with an idea and a desire to drive change by themselves. MIDIGrade is the result of exactly this scenario."

Richard Lackey, CineD


The work that continually goes into developing MIDIGrade since 2015 (3000+ hours and counting) represents the level of devotion its developer has for this project. Every single detail has been accurately tested and scrutinised in order to meet even the highest standards of the most seasoned professional.

Underneath you can find useful resources and information about MIDIGrade.

Before contacting support, please read through FAQ and "Common problems & Troubleshooting" chapter in user manual.


User Manual (PDF)

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Developer Bio

MIDIGrade is developed by award-winning cinematographer Julius Koivistoinen.

"I started colour grading out of necessity in 2014 and totally fell in love with it. Previously having had a decade-long career in photography, I already was familiar with the process of fine-tuning colours. I believe rich and tastefully done colour-work is crucial for any project's success!"


Buy MIDIGrade


USD $99. Buy it once - get a lifetime license.

System requirements

MIDIGrade is compatible with macOS (Intel & Apple Silicon) and Windows.
Please make sure your main GUI screen resolution matches with one below.

What's included

With the purchase you'll receive an instant download link to both macOS and Windows installers, a license key, user manual, and setup guides.

Midi Fighter Twister and X-Touch Mini are sold separately.